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Free Help From Trained Professionals

Whether in the homeland or the diaspora community, Uyghurs are struggling to cope with extreme mental stress, anxiety, grief, and trauma. It takes a toll on our daily lives. But we do not need to deal with it on our own. There is a community of health professionals who want to stand in solidarity with us. They are eager to assist Uyghurs amidst this crisis.

If you know of anyone suffering from stress, despair, and grief, there are trained professionals who can meet privately with them to provide help, at low cost or no cost. Email us at All names will be kept confidential. 

My counselor makes time for me, listens to me, and sends me resources. It helps a lot…— Rena

It’s been very helpful, My counselor gives me good suggestions. He has helped me set up goals like exercise, not to overschedule myself, and finding someone to be accountable to. When we first started I never believed I could have made such progress.

— Envar

Free Health and Wellness Coaching

Are you interested in help with maintaining your health and wellbeing?

Consider working with a wellness coach to find strategies for improving your physical wellbeing, restful sleep, stress management, mind-body health, family relationships, or work-life balance.


What do health coaches do?

Health and wellness coaches will guide you to establish goals and make progress for healthy habits that matter to you. Health and wellness coaches do not tell you what to do. Instead, they support you in the strategies that you choose.

What is coaching like?

Usually, you will meet with a coach for 30–45 minutes each time, for 3–6 coaching sessions. All meetings are virtual.

Free coaching available!

Trainees working toward certification at the University of Vermont are offering free coaching. Please contact Susan Whitman at to connect with a student trainee in the Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching program.

"My health and wellness coach was so wonderful. She was so patient and understanding, and really helped me a lot."

   — Uyghur client after 6 weeks of free health coaching in Spring 2022

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