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Uyghur Wellness Initiative
روھىي  ساغلاملىق تەشەببۇسى

The Uyghur Wellness Initiative (UWI), known as روھىي  ساغلاملىق تەشەببۇسى (Spiritual Wellness Initiative) in Uyghurche, is a collaborative effort led by Uyghurs, for Uyghurs. Our mission is to create a safe, dedicated space for Uyghurs to come together in this time of crisis for our holistic wellbeing - as individuals, families and a community.

Uyghur Wellness Initiative logo

Our Vision


Our mission is reflected in our logo. In the Spiritual Wellness Initiative, we are coming together as a community. We are honoring Uyghurs' pride in our identity and love of our homeland. We are recognizing the circle of life, a circle that is broken in some places, but is holding together, and is still beautiful. Uyghurs' souls are broken by what we are suffering, which can never be forgotten and will cause terrible pain forever.


But we do not need to suffer alone. We have the right to help and support. We can call on helping hands and community support to cherish our hearts and help us to not give up on life, despite our pain. As the generations of life continue, we want our children and their children to find the gifts of hope and love, pride in who they are, and healthy lives, despite the overwhelming trauma and grief of the Uyghur people.

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Who We Are


Members of the Uyghur community and other Uyghur rights advocates launched the Uyghur Wellness Initiative in May 2020. The purpose is to support the holistic wellbeing of diaspora Uyghurs through public events, shared resources for coping with grief and trauma, and referrals to pro bono wellness professionals. 


The ongoing genocide in the Uyghur homeland has placed an immense burden on the emotional, social, mental, spiritual and physical health of Uyghur diaspora members. Diaspora Uyghurs are suffering grief and trauma due to the disappearance, imprisonment, and death of loved ones. Many have been unable to freely communicate with family in the Uyghur homeland since 2017, and are still in the dark about their loved ones’ wellbeing. The Uyghur Wellness Initiative (UWI) aims to provide support and resources for health and resilience. 

Our Sponsors & Partners

The Uyghur Wellness Initiative welcomes additional sponsors, volunteers, and funding support. Please email us at

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