Whether in the homeland or the diaspora community, Uyghurs are struggling to cope with extreme mental stress, anxiety, grief, and trauma. It takes a toll on our daily lives. But we do not need to deal with it on our own. There is a community of wellness professionals who want to stand in solidarity with us. 

The Uyghur Wellness Initiative is supported by passionate, caring wellness professionals around the US who are eager to assist Uyghurs amidst this crisis.

If you know of anyone suffering from stress, despair, and grief, there are trained professionals who can meet privately with them to provide help, at low cost or no cost. Your name, and the name of the person asking for help, will be kept 100% confidential. You can ask about this in several ways

Email the Uyghur Wellness Initiative at All names will be kept confidential. 

If we are not able to connect you with a counselor, there are other resources available that we can recommend.


Free Health & Wellness Coaching from University of Vermont Trainees

See attached PDF for more information about this service.  To get paired with a trainee, contact Margaret Coan at